WPT World Poker Tour 11.5g Poker Chips & Sets

These WPT World Poker Tour 11.5g Poker Chips are a 2 colour construction made from ABS composite material. Each chip features a 4 spade and 8 stripe design with a WPT decal both sides of the chip.

The poker chips have rounded edges to aid smooth play, they lay flat so they don't rock, stack well and have a pleasing clunk when rifling.

Available in single rolls of 25 poker chips and in various carousel or cased poker chip capacity. Cased sets include WPT World Poker Tour Poker Chips, 2 packs of linen playing cards, 5 red dice, dealer button, big blind button, small blind button, 2 poker guides and 2 cut cards.

If you want a product that will impress then look no further, buy online here in the UK and take advantage of our fast delivery services.

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